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Decks & Outdoor Structures

Custom Decks: A deck can add significant value to your property and at the same time become an exciting new space for entertainment and relaxation. We work with you to create a custom deck that reflects your own good taste, and that enables you to bring your indoor lifestyle out of doors.

Pool and Spa Settings: Installing decking around your pool or spa looks beautiful and makes practical sense. It helps family and friends keep their footing on wet surfaces and also helps keep debris from bare feet from getting into the water. We install pool- and spa-side decking of all types, from classic redwood to treated pine to the indestructible synthetics.

Arbors and Pergolas: These impressive and stately structures are one of our specialties and can be a lovely addition to any landscape. Pergolas hung with wisteria or other flora can be beautifully functional when integrated into a poolside deck or patio. They offer a shady retreat from the sun and a great location for barbecues.

Gazebos: Originally called summerhouses, gazebos have emerged as one of today’s most desired outdoor garden structures. Adding one is a great way to add charm and uniqueness to your landscape. We create gazebos that serve as great gathering spots for parties, cookouts and as unique housing for hot tubs.

Sunrooms: The sunrooms we build are a fantastic approach to adding brightness to your home. They are ideal for seasons of the year when the blustery cold or blistering heat make it is inhospitable to go outside, but enable you to still enjoy basking in sunlight.